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Crosstown Curvy Riding Jean

Crosstown Curvy Riding Jean

$ 379.00

The Worse for Wear Crosstown Curvy Riding Jean is made in our Richmond, Virginia workshop from Space Age European denim. You’ll be abrasion resistant from your hips to your heels in this all-day comfortable motorcycle riding jean with removable, adjustable impact protection.

ARMALITH 2.0 Denim offers stealth riding protection that’s comfortable and stylish enough to wear on or off the bike. They’re perfect for riding to work or out for a night on the town. There's no need to sacrifice style or safety or worry about carrying a separate change of clothes with you to the office.

We’re confident they'll become your new favorite pair of jeans. And yes, they have the power to make your butt look fantastic. Don't just take our word for it, though. See what other riders have to say about our jeans.

    Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and thank goodness for that! While we’d love to say this cut fits every woman ever, it’s a fact these Crosstown Curvy Jeans are not for everyone. Please measure yourself, check the fit section below and refer to our Size Guide. We happily accept returns, but we'll both be happier if the jeans fit you right the first time. When in doubt, contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

    NOTE: These women's motorcycle jeans are made to order just for you. They will be shipped to you within 2 weeks of your order being placed.

    Thanks to ARMALITH 2.0 Denim, Worse for Wear jeans are protective from the outside in – providing excellent abrasion resistance in a comfortable, lightweight, all-day comfortable fabric. 

    SAS-TEC CE Approved knee (CE Level 2) and hip (CE Level 1) protectors provide a strong yet flexible body protection system. Made of lightweight viscoelastic foam, this armor molds to the shape of your body and is practically invisible under clothing. In the event of an impact, they stiffen to absorb shock and help protect you from the forces of a crash.

    Seam Selection A pair of jeans is only as strong as its weakest seam. This is why we use bonded nylon thread to double and triple-stitch every seam on these jeans. This is military-strength abrasion resistant thread, not the breakable cotton stuff used in fashion jeans.

    ARMALITH 2.0 Denim is a strong outer layer that provides high-performance protection in case of abrasive impact. It’s made by combining cotton with UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) fiber which - prior to its use in apparel - was only found in aerospace, military and off-shore industries. It’s an advanced composite fabric that is flexible, soft and lightweight, yet is abrasion resistant and cut resistant with a small amount of stretch to make sure these jeans hug your curves just right. It provides superior protection and comfort for motorcycle riding without being hot or bulky.

    Armor Pockets – an extra layer of protection. The outer fabric of our armor pockets is military-grade abrasion resistant nylon. This super tough fabric will ensure your armor stays in place when you need it most. The inner fabric of our armor pockets (the part that touches your skin) is a high performance, anti-microbial wicking fabric. It’s soft to the touch and keeps smelling fresh even after multiple wears.

    Care. Treat your Worse for Wear jeans as you would a pair of premium denim jeans - wear often, wash seldom. Washing in cold water is best, then hang to dry. Thanks to the combination of cotton and UHMWPE, they dry quickly and won't shrink. Do not iron your jeans. They won't need it, and who irons their jeans anymore?

    Content. 57% cotton, 33% UHMWPE, 8% elastomultiester, 2% elastane. Proudly made in Richmond, Virginia using fabric from Spain and the U.S.

    No vanity sizing. The size and cut of our apparel is made for women who ride motorcycles. Vanity sizing is not what we're about - you'll find no "Size 10" or “Double Zero" mentioned here. So how will you know if these jeans fit you? Measure yourself using these instructions provided in our Size Guide, and if you’re still in doubt, contact us! We’d rather make the right size for you once, rather than the wrong size two or three times. Make sense?

    Cut for women with curves. The Crosstown Curvy Jean is designed to fit a woman with a 10-15” difference between her waist and hip measurements. For example, our models, Laura and Shea, both have a 28” waist and 39” hips. They are both wearing a size 28 in the photos. Check the size chart to find your size.

    Inseam. Don’t take your inseam measurement for granted. After all, you may want a slightly longer inseam on your riding jeans to account for wearing them while seated on your motorcycle. Or perhaps your riding boot has a heel. Or you think cuffs are sexy. Whatever the reason, take a moment to measure your inseam before picking the right length (see the Size Guide). Or just order with a 35” inseam and have them hemmed to the correct length once you get them. Want something outside of the selectable size range? Just email us and ask for it!

    Real measurements. All measurements provided in the size chart are based on finished garment measurements. Every garment in the world (except for perhaps yoga pants and bikinis) come with "ease" built in, otherwise you'd never be able to bend over to tie your shoes or raise your arms above your head. Our jeans are no different. You get a little ease at the hips to make room for your hip armor. This jean also sits 2" below your natural waist, so if your natural waist measures 25", order a size 25. The measurement at the waistband is going to be a tiny bit larger than your natural waist measurement to account for that.


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