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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Worse for Wear jeans made?
Our jeans are made in our workshop in Richmond, Virginia. We design them, cut them out, and sew them together ourselves. Armalith 2.0 fabric is made in Spain and shipped to us on rolls. Duratech and lining fabrics are made in the United States. Our thread and zippers are made in the United States. SAS-TEC CE Level 2 knee and Level 1 hip armor is made in Europe. 
What does Made in USA mean?
The Federal Trade Commission requires that all garments be marked with labels that describe their fiber content and country of origin. A label may say "Made in USA" only if the product is made completely in the U.S. of materials that were made in the U.S. Because we make our jeans here in the U.S. but our fabric is made in Spain, we are allowed to say "Made in U.S.A. of imported fabric", and we do so with pride. We're proud of our jeans, and we're proud that we make them ourselves with our own hands, right here at home.
How long will it take to receive my order?
If your item is in stock, we'll ship it out to you within a day or so of your order. If we have your size jeans on the shelf, we'll hem them to the correct length and ship them to you. We ship via USPS Priority Mail, so shipping to any US address shouldn't take more than two or three days. Add that up and you should expect to receive your item in about a week.
If your jeans are not in stock when you order, then we'll make them just for you. Please allow us a week or two to cut and sew your jeans. We do it by hand, and we don't rush through them or compromise on quality. With shipping time, expect no more than three weeks for made to order jeans.  We'll keep you posted on our progress, but if you'd like an update, just send us an email with your order number and name to
All items ship with a tracking number so that you can monitor their progress after they leave our workshop.
Do you offer Exchanges or Refunds?
Yes. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for details.
Will Worse for Wear jeans protect me in a crash?
Motorcycling can be dangerous, and every crash is different. We can't guarantee you won't get hurt.
Worse for Wear jeans are designed to offer useful abrasion resistance and impact protection during a crash. The Armalith 2.0 fabric and CE Certified armor will protect you much, much more than cotton denim jeans, but less than a full leather race suit with airbag. We've designed our jeans to be as protective as possible without compromising too much on style or comfort. Read more about the specifics on our product page.
Our T-shirts are just regular T-shirts that will not protect you in a crash. But they are super-soft and comfy to wear.
What is "CE Certification"?
Similar to DOT standards for helmets, the CE Standard for protective motorcycle gear is a set of European standards created to make sure that motorcycle gear can be tested and compared and certified to work. There are many CE Standards covering all manner of items (like ISO or ATSM standards in the United States). CE Standard EN1621-1 is the one covering impact protection for knees, hips, shoulders, etc. Armor can be marked as meeting Level 1 or Level 2 based on how much energy is absorbed by the pad during a crash situation. Level 2 pads absorb more energy than Level 1 and therefore transfer less force to your body, making you safer.
Worse for Wear jeans include, at no additional cost, CE Certified Level 2 knee pads and CE Certified Level 1 hip pads made by SAS-TEC.
Cleaning and laundering?
We recommend treating your Worse for Wear jeans like you'd treat any pair of high quality denim jeans: Machine wash in cold water as infrequently as possible. Line dry. Do not iron. (Who irons jeans, anyway?)
Knee and Hip Protectors are washable. SAS-TEC recommends you remove them and hand launder separately (water absorption less than one per cent).
Fitting and Sizing?
Check out the Size Chart page for details about fit and how to find your size.
Where do we ship?
We ship anywhere in the United States for free! No additional shipping or handling fees will be added on. We ship using US Postal Service Priority Mail, so packages should arrive within a few days of leaving our workshop here in Virginia. All items ship with a tracking number so that you can monitor their progress after they leave our workshop.
As we grow and progress and get everything figured out, we will add shipping to other countries. For now, however, we are concentrating on making the best motorcycle riding gear possible, not on navigating import/export laws and regulations. If you are outside of the United States, and really desperately want our gear, please sign up for our newsletter and you'll be among the first to know when we add shipping locations.
Do you have a question we haven't answered?
Send an email to or use the Contact page to ask us a question.